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            About SenBen
            About Senben

            About SenBen

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            No.159, Huixian Road, Waigang Town, Jiading District, Shanghai

            Senben Lighting Co., Ltd. integrates independent research and development of industrial lighting products, large-scale manufacturing, and modern service industries. It has annual production capacity of 1 million sets of high-end lighting products. The main products include: explosion-proof lamps and tri-proof lamps. , industrial and mining lamps, high-end commercial lighting lamps.

            The company relies on advanced foreign technologies and processes, and guarantees the introduction of automated equipment, supplemented by advanced testing methods, so that the company products ensure high quality.

            The company has introduced advanced foreign microcomputer control, automatic die casting equipment, send soup, take pieces, spray and other work through the manipulator operation, using separate fast injection and booster accumulator, parabolic die casting function, fast injection die-casting die-casting Function, while also equipped with a proportional hydraulic control system, PCC control system, can achieve the product without undested, no air hole, no cold heading and other defects, which fully guarantee the product shell exquisite and quality.

            The company also introduced a microcomputer control, automatic electrostatic powder coating production line, the device uses a German Siemens PLC control system, equipped with the United States Nordson automatic spray gun and full suspension type device, using imported pure polyester resin powder, the whole process in the microcomputer system Under the control, it realizes the full-automatic flowing operation, solves the common problems such as the instability of the powder thickness and uniformity due to labor and equipment and the insufficient accuracy of the curing temperature and time, and ensures that the sprayed layer passes the 550H scratch salt. The fog experiment ensures that the company products can be used for a long time in harsh environments.

            The company uses micron-level high-precision CNC lathes and machining centers to machine the products so that the surface roughness of the products is less than 6.3um, and the explosion-proof gap is less than 0.1mm to ensure that the product performance reaches the corresponding explosion-proof grade and protection grade, and the product is beautiful and delicate.

            • Intelligent automatic die casting machine
            • Intelligent automatic spraying line
            • Intelligent automatic machining center
            • A corner of the machining workshop
            • Die casting workshop
            • A corner of the paint shop